british american tobacco nigeria - Our Core Values

Our Core Values were developed following discussions with hundreds of employees from around the world and from all levels of the organisation.

They describe the shared beliefs that we feel make British American Tobacco a great company to work for.

Our Core Values

  1. Consumer led: The most successful tobacco company will be decided by the consumer. To win, we must win the consumer. We are consumer led.
  2. National battlefields: Our ‘battlefields’ are national. This is where our consumers, trade partners, stakeholders and people are. This is where we sell cigarettes, generate cash and develop talent. This is where our brands live or die. This is British American Tobacco.
  3. Globally aligned: We are a global business with a global vision. We have global strategies and hard-won global scale. We must use and leverage these in order to win against global competition. To do so, requires global cohesion and discipline. A matrix organisation is the best means to ensure this. We recognise that there is a ‘tension’ in a matrix organisation. This is as it should be: business needs different viewpoints to build conviction and purpose.
  4. Diverse teams: We believe in the value of teams and diversity within those teams. We cherish individuality in the pursuit of the team goal. We believe individual creativity and contribution can and must flourish for us to succeed.
  5. Good leaders: People remember their leaders. The ones who had time for them, listened to them, coached them, developed them, trusted them. The leaders who helped make them the success that they are. We like good leaders. They tend to be very successful themselves. Our leaders bring our beliefs to life. We must all be leaders.
  6. Fun and welcoming: We like working with our colleagues and we trust them to deliver. They’re smart, keen to make a good contribution and fun to be with. They are what makes British American Tobacco so special. We are a welcoming and hospitable organisation. We want people to enjoy their experience with us. People feel at home here.
  7. Fit to fight: Our competitors are powerful and determined. We value our organisational intimacy and family-feel, yet recognise we must be no less determined or demanding of ourselves. To head the industry will take more than thought-leadership and scale, we must be fit for the fight ahead, we must be quick and agile. We must each take ownership for our actions.
  8. Consciously responsible: We act responsibly and transparently. Not because we have to, but because we want to. We take comfort and pride in knowing that we will do the right thing and behave in the right way. We accept the costs this will incur.

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