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British American Tobacco Nigeria offers a choice of opportunities in different areas.  From Marketing to Security, IT to Supply Chain....  the challenge and drive for excellence is all encompassing in whichever function you choose to consider.

We are continuously aiming to be more creative in the way that we work in order to take our business and you forward.

Marketing and Distribution

marketingMarketing in the tobacco industry requires skills beyond the demands of other products.  The ability to differentiate our marketing initiatives, to manage productive and profitable relationships with our key accounts, to integrate strategies and to innovate while always marketing responsibly are the fundamentals to the challenge.

The marketing  arena within British American Tobacco Nigeria includes:

  • Consumer insights
  • Building and managing brands
  • Managing business channels
  • Managing availability and distribution

Human Resources

HRHuman Resources has the responsibility for energising, developing, retaining and attracting truly talented people.  This function strives to achieve a win-win situation for both the company and the employees in that the business and individual objectives can be achieved.

We also help shape the culture of this dynamic business, creating an environment that rewards performance, whilst supporting learning and development to continually attract, energize and retain truly talented people.

Corporate & Regulatory Affairs

We are a responsible company within a controversial industry.  Ensuring we are seen that way is the responsibility of the Corporate and Regulatory Affairs department – better known as CORA.  CORA’s remit is to demonstrate to stakeholders that British American Tobacco Nigeria is achieving its commercial objectives in a manner consistent with reasonable social expectations of a tobacco company in the 21st Century.

Working as part of an international team requires both cultural sensitivity and the ability to function well in a team environment and at the same time develop your communication skills.

The challenge for us is to listen to those who have an interest in the tobacco business, then to respond effectively. If you’re interested in a career in CORA, you will need excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as the ability to think laterally and manage complex projects across different functions.

Our extremely strong team of communicators engages with governments, the media, scientists, consumers, business partners, investors, employees, Non-Governmental Organisations, local communities and many other groups. Our philosophy is to build effective networks through open, truthful dialogue.

Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing is at the heart of our business, so we invest substantially in new technology to ensure that our factories are highly efficient, flexible and responsive to the needs of our business partners and consumers alike.

Our state-of-art-factory in Ibadan, Oyo State and our second factory in Zaria, Kaduna State produce high quality international and local brands to meet consumer demands of our products.  The quantity assurance system at Ibadan Factory was in early 2005 certified to ISO 2000: 9001 by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and recertified in 2009.

World-class manufacturing is about far more than technology. Seemingly small issues can have an enormous impact – not only on processes and targets, but also on the morale of our factory teams. That’s why our people need to be effective leaders, demonstrating the ability to build effective teams while committing to the highest levels of production performance, quality and safety.

Manufacturing within British American Tobacco Nigeria covers:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Process and Control
  • Knowledge of Technologies
  • Quality
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Employee Relations
  • Excise
  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Awareness

Leaf Operations

British American Tobacco Iseyin Agronomy Limited (BATIA) is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco Nigeria.  BATIA’s operations are focused on leaf growing in Nigeria.  The aim is to improve the quantity and quality of tobacco leaf being cultivated by about 3000 farmers in the country.

The scope of the Leaf Team within British American Tobacco Nigeria includes:

  • Managing tobacco growing programmes
  • Determine leaf requirements
  • Tobacco green leaf processing
  • Blending and mixing tobacco for the cigarette business
  • Supplying agronomy expertise

A career in BATIA offers variety and responsibility in a highly specialised discipline.  Our people are not just dynamic managers; they are able to adapt to a multitude of environments and cultures.  An agronomy background is a pre-requisite. Extensive training in tobacco growing activities are provided.


legalAs a major player in a controversial industry, British American Tobacco Nigeria Limited provides almost unique challenges for its lawyers.

Our Goal. Compliance with laws and regulations is priority and we implement policies and procedures which institutionalise compliance.

Our Services. Our lawyers provide responsive and innovative business-integrated advice. The unit acts very much as part of the business, participating in the establishment of strategy and sharing responsibility for business decisions as well as legal ones. Our services cover Corporate, Finance, Tenancies, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, sales and Marketing and Litigation.

Evaluation and advice on legal and business risk is an essential part of our function. Whether dealing with a fairly standard distribution agreement or with a complex point of law in a service agreement.

The key measurement metrics for our performance are; accessibility, responsiveness, technical knowledge, communication, advice on options and assessment of risks.  Our reward and recognition systems are competitive and we are having some fun too!


financeIn British American Tobacco Nigeria, a commercially astute finance function is critical in making good business decisions – for example, about which brands to invest in, in evaluating and improving returns and of course, in managing the delivery of consistent profit growth to the shareholder.

Our finance managers are part of the decision-making team, a business partner who is consulted and involved in day- to-day activities, not merely reporting results and setting budgets. Having moved beyond the ‘comfort zone’ of purely technical accountants, into added value decision support, we require people who are commercially astute, intellectually curious and passionate about business life, not just figures.

Finance within British American Tobacco Nigeria includes:

  • Setting and delivering against financial objectives
  • Acting as a value adding business partner in operations
  • Acting as a value adding business partner in marketing
  • Acting as finance consultant to the business

Whether you are working in tax or treasury, or in the business partnership roles supporting marketing, operations and the other functions, you will need excellent communication and influencing skills to represent finance in the commercial arena.

Business Services
Information Technology has the duty to provide the critical communications and information support to our business.  From the day-to-day use of IT, to specific advice on hardware and software solutions and integration to strategic business solutions; a career in Information Technology will see you contributing to British American Tobacco Nigeria in a whole range of novel ways.

At British American Tobacco Nigeria Limited, the Business Services function has become a key enabler of our business processes and is instrumental to providing a simplified and integrated business environment, making business easier through timely relevant business information, delivering value from Shared Services and creating a place where good people want to work.

We strive to excel through expertise in a broad range of fit-for-purpose technologies and disciplines.  We add value through business consulting, business IT analysis, solution delivery, corporate strategy & planning as well as the sound management of projects & programs.

The Business Services space within British American Tobacco Nigeria Limited includes:

  • Demand IT
  • IT Services and Infrastructure Management
  • Corporate Strategy & Planning
  • Programme Management Office

Our function's vision is to be the best corporate security department in Nigeria.

This vision is to be assessed against: cost, operational tempo, range of activities, risk exposure, and geographical spread.  Security in British American Tobacco Nigeria Limited is viewed as the responsibility of all employees.  It is a normal management function and not a superimposed expense.

Our team is made up of agile, friendly, responsible and proactive men and women.  With us there’s never a boring day.  Our activities are interesting, rewarding and challenging.  Our operations include the following:

  • Security advice
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Security Liaison
  • Special events security coverage
  • Escort services
  • Airprot Protocol services
  • Guard services

If you have experience in any of these areas and believe you have what it takes to be a part of our team, consider joining us.


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