british american tobacco nigeria - Employee volunteering

Finding the time or having the capacity to act as change agents within the community is usually difficult to do on an individual basis.  However, organizations can help; they can provide platforms through employer volunteering projects or clubs that can provide a structured platform for community involvement or assistance.

British American Tobacco Nigeria allows one working day in a year for any employee to serve as a volunteer with a registered and well established voluntary charitable organization and/or community service group.

The first employee volunteering group emerged in 2006 and was the refurbishment of the female hostel of the Vocational Centre at the School of the Blind in Lagos.  The volunteering project, which was tagged “Your Responsibility”, involved painting and renovating the female hostel.  About 60 employees volunteered to go painting.

In 2007, there was another volunteering exercise called “Fishing to Empower”.  The employees were there to encourage the fish farmers through a fishing competition.

A team comprising of 35 employees from Zaria and Lagos generously gave their time and effort to paint the new training centre and install the new water tank in Zaria, Kaduna State in August 2008.  The training centre is designed to equip students with entrepreneurial skills, offering programmes such as plumbing, electrical work, tailoring, carpentry and knitting.

In 2009, there was also another volunteering exercise in Jabata, Oyo State.  The execise involved a tree planting campaign which was held in conjunction with the Oyo State first lady's Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) known as Community Link Advancement Programme (CLAP).  The campaign, designed to protect the environment with 10 hectares of trees had employees from Ibadan and Lagos involved in the tree planting.


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