british american tobacco nigeria - Corporate social responsibility

According to Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as “achieving commercial success in ways that honour ethical values and respect people, communities, and the natural environment.”

CSR is an important part of the business; we believe it is instrumental to the sustainability of our business.

Our stance

Our product though controversial is legal, and millions of adult Consumers around the globe choose to smoke and expect to buy quality products at fair prices.

In British American Tobacco Nigeria, we know there is a need to engage our stakeholders constructively, listening to their concerns and expectations, this we do regularly.  We believe that there is much to be gained when parties engage in dialogue, understand diverse view points on issues and identify common grounds for continuous improvement.

We acknowledge the fact that organizations need to contribute to the society and also be conscious of the environmental implication of their businesses, but we know that private organizations cannot support the need of society alone and also that it is easier to impact society when there is a partnership.

Sustainable development

Our company is committed to the principles of sustainable development. 

We believe that the business has a key role to play in helping societies to achieve a sustainable balance of economic growth, environmental protection and social progress which recognizes the needs of everyone to be actively engaged in not only self, but also community development.

The British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation is an initiative through which we make our contributions to the society.


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