british american tobacco nigeria - Nigeria and the FCTC

We acknowledge that tobacco consumption is risky to health and have recognized the right of national governments to regulate it.

The FCTC treaty was approved by the World Health Assembly in May 2003.  The Nigeria Government appended its signature on it a year later.  It was ratified in 2005.

We believe that tobacco consumption is a choice for informed adults.  We have also acknowledged the public health concerns of individuals and governments.  As a responsible manufacturer of tobacco products we endorse the need for balanced regulation of the industry.  We welcome opportunities to work with public health authorities to create the necessary framework capable of responding to the needs of  regulators, producers, consumers and other key stakeholders.

We believe that we have a great deal to contribute in shaping and designing with relevant bodies, a workable and effective policy framework for the tobacco industry in Nigeria. We are committed to seeking their co-operation and collaboration towards developing constructive solutions to the many issues which surround the production, marketing and consumption of tobacco products.


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