british american tobacco nigeria - Regulation and lobbying

RegTobacco consumption poses real risks to health, so we agree that tobacco products should be regulated in appropriate ways. We support balanced, evidence-based tobacco regulation that does not infringe our legal rights.

We would like to see effective, evidence-based regulation that meets public health objectives but which doesn't impede our ability to compete and does not damage livelihoods such as those of farmers or retailers. We believe that regulations that fail to meet the intended regulatory have adverse and unintended consequences.

British American Tobacco Nigeria is committed to supporting genuine efforts to implement balanced tobacco regulation not only by through efforts to ensure compliance, but also by providing advice and sharing its experience with the relevant authorities.

We are keen to see that Nigeria has regulation that can help to reduce the impact of tobacco on public health.  And as a responsible tobacco business, we are keen to contribute information, ideas and practical steps to help regulators address the key issues surrounding the product. 

Truly effective tobacco regulation needs co-operation between governments and the industry.  As a manufacturer, our company is uniquely involved with and knowledgeable about the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of tobacco products.  In addition we have long-standing relationships with the wholesale, retail and hospitality sectors and act as a reliable tax collector for government

It is in our company's interest to have effective and orderly regulation of the tobacco market.  The absence of this leads to illicit trade, which harms legitimate business and increases the likelihood of more underage access, cheap, unregulated products and poor manufacturing and product standards.


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