british american tobacco nigeria - Illicit trade

Illicit tradeWe believe in the appropriate taxation of tobacco products and the elimination of illicit trade.

Interpol has stated that illicit trade funds organized crime and the US department of Justice states that it has ties to terrorist organizations. 

British American Tobacco Nigeria, has made great strides in illicit trade reduction. By ensuring consistent availability of tax-paid products, the proportion of illicit trade has dropped from over 80% in 2001 to around 20% of the total market in 2009. We have always co-operated with government agencies towards ensuring that existing regulations are enforced. 

We have a partnership with the Nigerian Customs Service which contributes to the reduction of illicit trade in Nigeria. We also work actively with government agencies to ensure that our products carry an authentication device to aid counterfeit identification.

We fully support the aims of regulators, governments and international organisations such as the World Customs Organization, the World Trade Organization and World Health Organization in seeking to eliminate all forms of illicit tobacco trade.  We would like to see our market free of this problem which has the potential to undermine progress on market regularization, government revenue collection, tobacco control measures and the sustainability of a legitimate industry.


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