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Youth smoking preventionWe believe that tobacco products are only suitable for adult consumers and we do not want children to smoke.

We fully support laws and regulations prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to anyone under the legal minimum age in their country. We also believe that enforcement and penalties for breaking such laws must be tough enough to discourage anybody from selling to the underage.

We know how important it is that our marketing practices should not undermine efforts to combat underage smoking.

That’s why our at British American Tobacco Nigeria we follow our strict International Marketing Principles, which are globally consistent and demonstrate our commitment to marketing appropriately and only to adult tobacco consumers.

We are committed to working with our trade partners to prevent underage access to our products and run or support programmes that include proof-of-age schemes, eye-catching signs clearly stating sales will not be made to the underage and training to help  spot underage buyers and refuse to sell to them. 

In 2003 we launched our youth smoking prevention campaign. We delivered 18+ posters and stickers to more than 250,000 points of sale across Nigeria to be displayed as a deterrent to minors and a reminder to our trade partners of our campaign to prevent underaged smoking. In 2006, we re-launched the campaign following a logo change. A refresher campaign in 2009 was launched with nearly 20,000 retailers within our trade universe as a two way partnership to prevent youth access.

Stakeholder expectation

Building on these initiatives, our stakeholders believed that we should improve local understanding of the 18+ communication and asked us to translate the 18+ message to local languages.

In response to this expectation, we have translated the 18+ message into Pidgin English and 3 local languages. This should improve understanding of the YSP message and contribute to preventing underage access.

The new communication, which in English reads ‘We do not sell tobacco products to people under 18 years’, was delivered to our retail partners in 2006, during the second phase of the YSP campaign.

Our Trade Marketing team rolled out a fresher YSP campaign in Nigeria, Benin and Togo in 2009. This Refresher campaign is aimed at supporting awareness and responsibility amongst our retail partners.

Going forward, we will continue to reinforce the values of the company through various projects and programmes.


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