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Because tobacco products pose significant health risks, we believe they should be marketed only to adult tobacco consumers and in ways that are appropriate for a responsible tobacco business in the 21st century.

Responsible marketing now and in the future

We ensure that all our consumer packaging carries a clearly visible 30 per cent Federal Government health warning on the front and back in accordance with regulation.

British American Tobacco Nigeria does not market tobacco to youths. Our consumers are adult smokers - 18 years old and above - who have voluntarily made the choice to smoke.

We believe that tobacco should only be marketed to adult smokers, in an appropriate way that takes account of its potential health risks. We also believe that adults who have chosen to smoke should be able to receive information about what they buy, and that we should be able to communicate responsibly with them about our brands.

We recognise that just as adults make informed choices about smoking, adult smokers should be allowed to make informed choices about brands. For those who have chosen to smoke we offer a range of brands, through a diversified brand portfolio.

Our marketing is governed by British American Tobacco Group's International Marketing Standards, and embody in detail our commitment to marketing appropriately and only to adult tobacco consumers.

The Standards cover all tobacco product marketing and messaging for consumers across print, billboards, electronic media, promotional events and sponsorship.  Examples of how they address tobacco product brand communications include:

  • Not to be aimed at, or particularly appeal to youth; 
  • Not to feature a celebrity nor link tobacco with sporting, professional, social or sexual success; 
  • Not to appear in printed publications unless at least 75 per cent of readers are verified as adults; 
  • To carry a health warning;
  • No giant billboard advertising and no billboards at all within 100 metres of a school; 
  • No website, television, cinema or radio advertising unless the audience can be restricted to verified adults; 
  • No direct or indirect product placement; 
  • No event sponsorship unless the participants and audience are adults; 
  • No direct consumer contact unless with verified adult consumers; 
  • No unsolicited free samples.

PDF: Download our International Marketing Standards in full - Download the International Marketing Standards in full (95 kb) Opens in new window

We observe the Standards in both the letter and intent and actively encourage retailers and other business partners to apply them and to work to prevent our tobacco product brand names, trademarks or logos from being used by others in a way that violates the Standards.


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