british american tobacco nigeria - Responsible leaf production

TobaccoBritish American Tobacco Iseyin Agronomy Limited (BATIA) was incorporated in June 2003.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco Nigeria with core responsibility for all domestic tobacco growing operations and rural agricultural development activities.

Tobacco growing

The volume of tobacco produced has increased from 2,088 tons in 2004 to over  2,500 tons in 2013.   About 10,000 people are currently directly involved in our tobacco growing operation.

Technical assistance

Our company recruits and trains a team of extension workers who work directly with the farmers to provide them with the technical support required for profitable tobacco growing.  In addition, every farmer is encouraged to grow food crops of their choice.

Banking literacy

British American Tobacco Iseyin Agronomy's contribution towards developing the rural economy goes beyond the creation of employment opportunities and sponsoring tobacco growing.  One of the pre-conditions for registration of prospective farmers is the opening of a bank account in any of the licensed banks within our areas of operation.  It is only through individual current accounts that farmers receive all payments due to them from the company either as cash advances or proceeds from tobacco sales.

Mechanization scheme

British American tobacco Iseyin Agronomy has put in place business opportunities to interested farmers through a tractor lease scheme.  Tractors are leased directly to the farmers and the retention period for the tractor is 4-5 years. Business opportunities are also provided to third party transporters who transport tobacco for the farmers.

Afforestation Programmes

As part of our tree planting operations, we are running an ambitious afforestation programme.  It  has sponsored and promoted the planting of managed, renewable woodlands (710 hectare Teak and Gamelina tree plantations) in Iseyin, Oyo State South – Western Nigeria.   We also provide seedlings for afforestation purposes to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing 

In British American Tobacco Nigeria,  we comply with all relevant local and international labour regulations, treaties, conventions and principles relating to children’s protection, welfare and health and safety.  We do not employ children in any of our industrial operations. Our working partnership with our registered tobacco farmers enables us to provide support to address environmental and social issues associated with tobacco growing.


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