british american tobacco nigeria - Tobacco’s economic contribution

In Oyo state, South West Nigeria, tobacco is the most widely cultivated cash crop.  With the establishment of the state-of-the-art factory in Ibadan, we currently have about 850 registered independent farmers with whom we have a contract.  This has undoubtedly brought improvements to their economic status, the lives of their families and dependants and to their communities.

Through growing tobacco, employment is created for tobacco leaf farmers, farm workers and Nigerian graduates. The expertise acquired in tobacco production is applied on follow-up food crop production leading to relatively higher productivity by tobacco farmers than the average rural grower.

Good yield for the leaf farmers invariably means good sales which lead to an increase in the farmers’ cash flow. The income generated is invested in other business areas to generate more income, educating their children and supporting their families.

All growers are committed to establishing 100 stands of trees each per year for five years to supplement the existing central plantation of 1.2 million trees.

British American Tobacco Nigeria also contributes to the Nigerian economy through the payment of taxes to the Nigerian government.  We have paid over N100 billion in taxes to the Government since 2002.  Over 300,000 people derive some form of income from the legal tobacco business.


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